About Us


Mindtree Institute for Private Training has started by a team of professionals who worked in the education sector for more than 15 years..

On a mission to mold professionals and students effectively to be successful in their lives, Mindtree is incepted by a team of professionals having immense experience in career training and counselling. With a combined experience that spans decades, we anchor our counselling and training endeavours on our domain expertise to holistically nurture growth, enlightenment and transformation of our patrons. At Mindtree, we strive to understand the unique growth requirements of our candidates so as to render them with value-adding and bespoke training support and help them become highly successful in their academic and professional lives.
In our perpetual efforts to deliver training and counselling sessions, we have adopted a singular approach that helps us cater to the unique needs of the professionals and students that we support. As a result, we are able to bring out the innate academic and professional aspirations of the candidates so that they can chase the career dreams that they want to. We know that students and fresh graduates are under tremendous pressure while making higher education and career choices. Mindtree helps them remove the stress quotient through intelligent and smart training sessions and counselling programs. We help them watch the paths to a successful career lucidly and select the one they love.

Mindtree works hard to understand the requirements, challenges, and expectations of the contemporary corporate and academic worlds. It is from this understanding that our sessions and services have stemmed out. We have a team of skilled and expert professionals who have adequate experience in the field of academic and career counselling and training to help candidates make the right choice about their careers. As academic and career choices will always dominate a person’s life, it is exceedingly important that one must be extra careful while making such decisions. Unfortunately, that does not happen every time. Equipped with insights, data, and research, we can empower you to make the best and sensible decisions to choose your academic and career path.

Welcome to Mindtree Institute, where right, informed choices are made.


To be recognized as a key provider of career assessment, career coaching, support in higher education, skill development programs for students and working professionals across the globe.


Throughout the world, Many Parents of tennage children face a big challenge in helping the child choose their right career. The child is also at times confused about which subject stream to choose after 10th or 12th.  . Getting the right information on a particular college or university is also another challenge for them.
Our mission is to help students overcome such difficulties by providing assistance every step of the way, making it possible to show them the right path of achieving their career goals at the right time.