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Crisis, calamity, social distancing, lockdown- are some words which are frequenting our vocabulary these days. Every day when we wake up in the morning our first interaction with the world is through social media, i.e., the newspaper or the television and it offers us a plethora of fears on a platter, and while listening, that creates a scare of uncertainty and the question arises- what is going to happen?

The day has become more predictable- usual routine chores of home and office while staying within the four walls of our house. The only thing unusual is,  disinfecting the house twice every day, disinfecting goods bought from outside, disinfecting ourselves at least four times and most important- disinfecting our hands every hour for 20 seconds and more.

Everything we touch needs to be disinfected. Everything we buy invokes suspicion and fear. Distancing ourselves from others is becoming the norm of the day. I wonder- Is it the virus which is dangerous or the fear of the virus? Napoleon Hill said "fears are nothing more than a state of mind". Yes, we need to take all possible precautions. For that, we need to be aware of the truth not evade it. The fear drives us towards doubt and suspicion. Every action is a reaction to mistrust.

Checking fever now and then, doubts on every sneeze, every cough or every sniff-  Am I infected? Living in this fear is worse than being infected because the infection can be taken care of but fear is a state of mind which stops faith.

Jack Canfield rightly said "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." So, lets stabilize our mind and take control of our thoughts. 

  1. Allow oneself to breathe in and talk to the fear- "it's ok... this too shall pass."
  2. Practice gratefulness exercise by writing down those things which we are thankful about.
  3. Focus the thoughts on long term planning so that we can think more objectively.
  4. Bring humour to your present. Practice laughter.
  5. Sanitize yourself from negative news by adopting digital detoxification. Instead revive an old hobby or an unfinished personal task.

Its important to pay attention to the sanity of mind because fear is just a choice we make. It is only as deep as our mind allows it. So get up and see— डर के आगे जीत है.




Behavioural Counsellor

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