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The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has radically transformed our world, including the business environment. It unexpectedly accelerated our transformation to digitalization in the workspace. As the new normal continues to get redefined, businesses and business leaders are forced to be more and more flexible and adaptive. Let's take a look at the 10 imperative skills that are required to survive in the rapidly evolving and ever-changing post-covid corporate atmosphere of today.

1) Critical Thinking:
In today's era of uncertainties, a business leader should be able to think clearly, differentiate between wrong and the right information, identify links between ideas, and take a methodical approach to problem-solving.

2) Innovative:
The covid era has given birth to a whole panoply of unanticipated problems that require creative solutions. Business leaders should be able to think innovatively to overcome the hurdles of communication, collaboration, and marketing in today's heavily restricted world.

3) Adaptability:
Adaptability is the ability to adjust yourself as per the exigencies of the circumstances. The covid pandemic has been nothing but unpredictable, in consideration of which flexibility is a valued skill in today's uncertain world.

4) Accept Change:
Change is inevitable and unavoidable. The Corona Pandemic however has brought an abundance of them without a warning. Only someone who can accept the changing tides and adjust their ways accordingly will survive in the post corona world.

5) Emotional Intelligence:
When you're locked in the confines of your home, a lot of negative emotions emerge to the surface naturally. It is, therefore, necessary for a business manager to be able to understand, interpret, and control their emotions, in addition to being able to recognize the mental state of their team.

6) Tech Knowledge:
Technology is how the communication gap is being filled in today's post covid world it is thus crucial that a business leader knows their way around a variety of important productivity suites.

7) Leadership Skills:
In geologically dispersed professional teams of today, a business leader with effective organizational, time management, conflict resolution, and people management abilities is required who can establish seamless coordination.

8) Ability to Take Risks:
New age problems, require new-age solutions, you may have heard. But new innovative solutions don't come without risks. Some risks pay off and some don't, but it's only through putting yourself out there that you can grow. A modern business leader has to be practical yet daring, able to take measured risks.

9) Decision-making:
In today's tumultuous atmosphere a leader is required who can think quickly and base their decision on facts rather than opinions.

10) Strong Communication Skills:
In an era where physical face-to-face communication is difficult, a business leader is required who can put forth their points in a clear, perspicuous, and concise manner.

Jeff Chacko
Certified Career Coach
Certified Business & Life Coach
Director – Mindtree International - Kuwait

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