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Choosing the Right Stream after 10th /12th.. 

Different parameters must be considered while selecting the right career for your successful future. The foremost criterion is to select a stream which matches your strength, personality and your core behaviour. Choosing the right stream makes a significant improvement in one's career path. There is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. One just needs to take the right step for building the successful career in future.

Here are few tips:
  • Self Awareness (know your strength , aptitude & skills)
  • Meet a career counsellor for guidance
  • Attend career seminars and know the streams & opportunities
  • Do not follow the crowd
  • Discuss with your Parents, Mentor and Teachers
  • Read more about career trends & opportunities
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Human Being is in a Constant Persuit of Rediscovering and Knowing Onself 

FACE Assessment is an advanced psychometric assessment tool to understand the holistic skills of an individual . The tool is designed for individuals to help them understand their innate abilities and challenges . Major areas that could be addressed are: 

  • Individual diferences between team members
  • Personal conflicts
  • Lack of individual understanding , their streangh and ineffective part of their behaviour
  • Challenges in career planning

A Powerful tool used by many Corporate Conglomerations for Leadership Development, Individual Assessment, Team Building and SWOT Analysis .
Who can Benefit ?

Benefits to Individuals:

By Understanding and Flexing Personalty, an Individual can:

  • Adapt to varied personality types and exert a greater control over situationa & people
  • Improve interpersonal interaction by structuring and flexing communication 
  • Team working abilities by recognizing and adapting to the different personality types
  • Seek and approach situations/tasks/opportunities compatible with identified strengths

Benefits to Companies: 

Corporate can reap the benefits of this powerful tool which results in: 
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Assigning task best suited to employees personality types
  • Accurate direction of effective training and development programs to optimize employee strengths 
  • An understanding of strengths and weakness of each personality type to create competant teams with balanced talent mix of efficient completion of specific assignments. 

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