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Choosing the Right Stream after 10th /12th.. 

Different parameters must be considered while selecting the right career for your successful future. The foremost criterion is to select a stream which matches your strength, personality and your core behaviour. Choosing the right stream makes a significant improvement in one's career path. There is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. One just needs to take the right step for building the successful career in future.

Here are few tips that helps in choosing a right career:
  • Having Self Awareness (know your strength , aptitude & skills)
  • Meet a career counsellor for guidance
  • Attend career seminars and know the streams & opportunities
  • Do not follow the crowd
  • Discuss with your Parents, Mentor and Teachers
  • Read more about career trends & opportunities
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Human Being is in a Constant Persuit of Rediscovering and Knowing Onself 

FACE Assessment is an advanced psychometric assessment tool to understand the holistic skills of an individual . The tool is designed for individuals to help them understand their innate abilities and challenges . Major areas that could be addressed are: 

  • Individual diferences between team members
  • Personal conflicts
  • Lack of individual understanding , their streangh and ineffective part of their behaviour
  • Challenges in career planning

A Powerful tool used by many Corporate Conglomerations for Leadership Development, Individual Assessment, Team Building and SWOT Analysis .
Who can Benefit ?

Benefits to Individuals:

By Understanding and Flexing Personalty, an Individual can:

  • Adapt to varied personality types and exert a greater control over situationa & people
  • Improve interpersonal interaction by structuring and flexing communication 
  • Team working abilities by recognizing and adapting to the different personality types
  • Seek and approach situations/tasks/opportunities compatible with identified strengths

Benefits to Companies: 

Corporate can reap the benefits of this powerful tool which results in: 
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Assigning task best suited to employees personality types
  • Accurate direction of effective training and development programs to optimize employee strengths 
  • An understanding of strengths and weakness of each personality type to create competant teams with balanced talent mix of efficient completion of specific assignments. 

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