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ISO 50001 : 2018 (Energy Management System)

This is a voluntary standard stipulated for establishing and maintaining an energy management system for organization. The ISO portal states that an energy management system is a framework for executing technical and management strategies that will in a great way help cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions over a period of time.

The main parts of this system involve the creation of an energy policy, goals for improving the efficient use of energy, a schedule with deadlines for fulfilling the goals and charting out a plan of action that lays out how the organization’s objectives will be realized.

The standard seeks to help organizations follow a systematic approach in realizing and continuously enhancing energy performance. The standard applies to the following:

1) Any organization irrespective of its size, location, type, culture or the products and services it provides.
2) The standard is also applicable to organizations conducting activities involving energy performance.
3) The standard does not exclude but include all organizations irrespective of the kind or quantity of the energy used.
4) It is also important for organizations to continually display enhancement in energy performance. However, it does not define the extent of improvement that needs to be gained.
5) The standard can be used in its own right, in tandem or in amalgamation with other management systems.