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International Skill Certificate in Food & Hospitality Safety Management

The International skill certificate in Food and Hospitality Safety Management will provide participants with extensive knowledge and skills working in the hospitality sector. Participants will learn about preparing food in a safe environment by learning about contamination, sanitation, pest control, and several other topics associated with food safety. This course will also share information on all the different factors related to working in a kitchen, such as the various factors affecting kitchen layouts and designs, kitchen equipment, and safely handling food. This program will benefit students hoping to enter into the hospitality sector or anyone interested in developing a career in food and hospitality safety.

Highlights of the program: -
The main highlights of International Skill certificate in Radiation Safety Management program includes:
1. 15 days Virtual/class room training covering major radiation safety related topics
2. Case studies- (real time hospitality related problem solving exercises)
3. Panel Interview by industry experts and
4. Making participants ‘Skilled & Certified’
5. Site familiarization program

The topic includes;
• Impact of Food borne Illnesses
• Hospital Food Safety Manager’s Responsibility
• Eleven International Food Safety Icons
• Food borne Illness
• How the threat to health starts
• Biological hazards
• Physical hazards
• Chemical hazards
• Preventing Food borne Illnesses
• Personal hygiene
• Cuts and boils
• Right clothing for the job
• Reporting illness
• Time and temperature control
• Receiving and storing food
• Cleaning and sanitizing
• Simple safety precautions
• Design for food safety
• Food Safety Control
• Professional good practice
• Management matters
• Hospital food safety program – sample
• Food handler skills and knowledge checklist

Target Group:-
Hospitality industry professional

Eligibility: There is no any pre-requisite. However, having a reasonable hold on English language would be an added advantage.
Duration: 180 Hrs. including 90 Hrs. internship