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This is a specialized course and is designed specifically keeping in mind the safety of personnel in the crane and slinging operations. A banksman is the person who regulates and controls the operations of a crane or a large vehicle from the point of loading and unloading.

This is a basic course for delegates who wish to gain basic knowledge in the slinging and lifting operations in the offshore industry.

Participants attending this training program are provided demonstrations of lifting and slinging procedures. The training seeks to apprise the delegates with all the fundamentals of the job. In addition to presentations, delegates will also be given practical training and evaluated by an experienced teacher.

What the course entails?

• Learning and understanding of all pertinent rules and safe systems of work
• Knowledge on how to prepare and lift
• How to conduct inspect of all equipment before use
• How to use equipment safety and correct
• Understanding terms and principles used in slinging
• Assessing principles of crane operation
• Understanding the importance of estimating weight
• Learning use of handheld radios and hand signals
• Understanding and imbibing how to lift and move loads including tubular, unbalanced and pre-slung
• Understanding dynamic factors