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Safety at workplace is every employee’s right and it is the primary responsibility of every employer to ensure that the workforce is protected and not exposed to hazards. The main aim of the Hazard Communication Program or as it commonly called HazCom seeks to protect employees from any kind of injury or illness that may be triggered by the use of harmful chemicals at worksite. It is the right of every employee to know, learn and understand the potential dangers and the real nature of the chemicals they may be using at work.

The main aim of the HAZCOM and MSDS program is to make sure that all organizations that use some kind of chemicals should implement a proper program that will facilitate in the protection of its employees. The Hazard Communication Standard basically apprises employers on the importance of designing and implementing strong and impactful programs for employees to understand the importance of being exposed to hazardous chemicals. The main goal of the program is to also bring down the number of cases of chemical based sicknesses and injuries.

What is MSDS? Material Safety Data Sheet is the starting point of this awareness program. This safety data sheet is a source of hazards and includes information on the safety precautions to be undertaken. These sheets are also of great assistance when it comes to employers developing effective programs for protecting workers and ensuring their safety. It also helps in training the workers to take the appropriate and necessary steps to protect the environment when dealing with hazardous chemicals.