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This special training program is meant for personnel looking to work in the international oil and gas industry where there is a possibility of gas accidents. The main objective of the program is to equip the participants to first prevent and if not at least minimize the effect.

The course seeks to set global standards in the offshore industry. It is specifically meant for professionals who are preparing for a gas tester role. The main aim is to endow the personnel with the skill to carry out tests to check the safe levels of oxygen, other flammable and toxic gases.

The approved gas tester comprises a whole suite of modules that is designed to provide the personnel with the required knowledge and skills required to test the safe level of gas in the atmosphere at worksites.

The program will equip participants with a number of skills such as:

• An understanding of the confined space criteria
• Type of operations
• Understanding the safe system of work
• Select, using and maintaining for PPE and RPE
• Detecting gas, doing checks, pre-start checks and performing checks in a chronology